Podcast: The Project Management Certification Racket


Does spending the money for a certified Project Management Certification increase the quality of your project? Those in the project certification industry would tell you, “yes,” but those in the real world say that it might not be worth your money. A well-run project can have a significant impact on the bottom line of the organisation, which makes hiring the right project manager even more important. How do you know who to hire?

In this podcast, we’ll take a look at how time and money spent to get certified in Project Management does not necessarily increase the quality of your project delivery.

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Imran Zaman

The founder of DIGITI.ORG - The Digital Transformation Magazine. Imran is a Senior Consultant who helps FTSE 500 companies develop Cloud-First Strategies, introduce Cloud Operating and Cloud Finance Models and leads international Program Management teams to deliver digital change. Imran writes about Business, Technology and Innovation.

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